Just see what can be worked on the VHF bands (above 30MHz), all the above was worked on CW or SSB at Solar peak Cycle 22 via F2 propagation, over the horizon VHF, no FT8, play the video below, with a little effort anybody can work that real dx. The video was made for the RSGB convention over 20 years ago.


APRIL 2023: Watch the MUF as 18th Feb 2023 saw a Solar Flux of 343!! with mega F2 layer openings on 28MHz to JA/BG/YC/VK and lots more, 50MHz “ES” propagation is increasing day by day and hopefully the MUF will reach 70MHz so TEP maybe possible with South Africa (1/3/2023 already UK stns have wkd ZS6/V51/TZ and others on 50MHz during Feb/March/September 2023). Late APRIL saw 28/50MHz “ES” openings from the UK to the whole of the Eu with mega signals.

The Radio Sun: 18/2/2023
10.7 cm flux: 343 sfu
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Updated 18 Feb 2023


APRIL 2024: Update: Some good “ES” linked TEP openings on 28/50MHz best was April 28th  ********1100z: 50MHz G0LFF wkg ZS6NJ: UK > EU 50MHz “ES”: GM > Italy: G to DL: SM > ZS6NJ: G0LFF > OE: OZ/DL wkg ZS6:1130z: 50MHz HA/LZ wkg ZS6/FT8: PA0 wkg ZS6 TEP + “ES” Eu top end G4ICD/ZS6’s: 1216z: G3XTT (Don) wkg GJ6WRI (Tropo): 1230z: MEGA 50MHz Opening via “ES” to Italy from UK G4ICD/IO90 (HA/I/S5 etc): Several hours of 28MHz “ES” in Eu, band was crazy, even hrd stns on handhelds, “MUF” over 70MHz. This is not F2 layer propagation but Sporadic “ES” layer ionization.

MAY 2024: Update: Great multi chordal hop “ES” plus TEP openings from the UK on 50MHz to: JA (“ES”)/ZS/7Q6/PY (“ES” plus TEP modes): ************** 25 JA stns worked in UK via multi “ES”***********

G3SED wkd 25 stns in JA via FT8: PY was worked in GM ( ES + TEP modes Clive GM3POI) and stacks more dx in CE/ZP/V5 by G3SED/IO90 etc. What a month. Combinations of Sporadic “ES” and Trans-Equatorial modes, not F2: You will have to wait for the F2 openings later this year at Equinox months (Sept/Oct)



1/6/2024: SFI 179  SSN 135   A  12  K  1  :

DX Today:0700z: 50MHz: FT8: VK6 > JA & BG TEP Opening: 0945z: X flare in progress:1340z: 50MHz Open to Canada via “ES” VE1PZ > G4IFX/FT8: OY6BEC bcn on 28MHz was also S9 and showing “ES” prop, the usual giveaway MUF sign.50MHz 1508z FG8 >  G4IFX/IO91/FT8/Guadaloupe: 1900z G8BCG > PY + Richard GU8FBO/PY/FT8:

2/6/2024: SFI 188  SN 194  A 5  K 1  :

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G3): A CME hurled into space by yesterday’s fusillade of X-flares will strike Earth early next week, probably on June 4th. Its impact could spark a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm with auroras at mid-latitudes. CME impact alerts: SMS Text

X-FLARE AFTER X-FLARE AFTER X-FLARE: Exploding like popcorn, sunspot AR3664 (a.k.a. AR3697) produced three X-flares on May 31st and June 1st. The third, a long-duration X1-class event, hurled a halo CME almost directly toward Earth.

Official forecast models are not yet available for the incoming CME. However, we can make a good guess for the ETA: June 4th. The impact could produce strong G3-class geomagnetic storms.

Sunspot AR3664 has been decaying for days. What makes it so active? This magnetic map provides the answer:

Within the sunspot’s primary core, two oppositely-signed magnetic poles are crowded together, + vs. -. When this happens, magnetic recombination can cause very powerful explosions even from a sunspot that’s falling apart. NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% chance of X-flares and a 75% chance of M-flares on June 1st.


DX Today: 0830z: Multi “ES” to JA on 50MHz: G8BCG wkg JA/FT8: Also into DL: 0900z OH3RB/G4ICD/SSB/S9+:YL2SM/G4ICD/S9 SSB “ES” KO37:OH3RB/KP10/SSB/S9: Mega opening on 50MHz to LA/SM/YL/ES/OH/DL/OZ nice to hear ssb!! 1018z BG (China) wkg G4IFX/IO91/FT8:1130z: 50MHz “ES” Jon OY9JD/599/Faroe Isl:1730z 144MHz open to 7X (Algeria) & Italy SSB: 50MHz Gone mad! S9+ sigs from Med etc: 9H into G4ICD/144MHz SSB/1845z:

3/6/2024: SFI 180  SN 186  A 5  K 2  :

DX Today: 0700z: 50MHz open via Multi “ES” from JA to Italy & China to SV (Greece): PM: 50MHz open to Eu from UK, lots of ssb signals to LU/PY via TEP+”ES” on top end.

4/6/2024: SFI 186  SN  208  A 11  K 2  :

Lots of new spots: SN = 208!

DX Today: 0700z: “ES” already in Eu: G > OK on 50MHz

5/6/2024: SFI 192  SN 178  A 8  K 2  :

50MHz: 0930z: Allain TR8CA (Gabon) into Eu/FT8: 1132z: 50MHz: G4IFX > WW1L/FT8: 1140z: G3SED > WW2DX/FT8………….Several UK stns now wkg USA on 50MHz:

6/6/2024: SFI 195  SN 161  A 7  K 2  :

DX Today:

7/6/2024: SFI 191  SN 149   A 6  K2   :

0830z: G0HVQ wkg JA on 50MHz/FT8/IO81:

8/6/2024: SFI 184  SN 150  A 28  K 3  :

SOLAR FLARE AND HARD RADIATION STORM: Sunspot AR3664 just did it again. The record-setting active region produced another very strong solar flare on June 8th (0149 UT). NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the category M9.7 blast:


50MHz: 1000z: UK (G) to SV5 band open via “ES” Dodecanese (DXCC) 1242z: 50MHz M0CTP > FG8OJ/FT8: GM > T77C: 1344z: 50.180 MHz SSB MM0GOG > EA1HVS: GM > CT2/FT8: +++++++++lots of signals on 40MHz (EA > EI) FT8: 50MHz > 1404z: Band just opening to USA/Caribbean from France and UK: G7RAU wkg FG8OJ/FT8 STRONG SIG: 1418z: SM2GJZ/JO99 > G4ICD/IO90/SSB:1420z: G8BCG wkg USA NE1B/FN42/FT8:++++++1450z: “6” now nicely open to USA/VE/FG from Southern UK: 1555z: 50MHz: G3SED > wkg USA/FT8: +++1700z: Mega DX on 50MHz: G0LFF/SU1SK Egypt: GW7SMV > 9K/OY/TF, band is is full of “ES” single and multi hop, FT8/CW/SSB: Nearly 2000z and still 50Mhz is open to the Caribbean, P43/YV/FS/FG/J88/HC2/HK (G7RAU wkd from IO79 via Multi “ES”, SUPERB !!!!): KP4EIT (A REAL DXer of many years on 50MHz) into UK South 50.110 SSB de G4ICD/IO90 (Good recordings).

9/6/2024: SFI 190  SN 143  A 14  K 1  :

DX Today: 0600z: Well total burn out of “ES” after yesterdays mega multi-hop “ES” openings, this is common after such events that have been monitored for around 50 years, but the “E” layer will re-ionize starting at 28MHz. Yesterdays events were a classic of watch the HF beacons, OY6BEC (28.234MHz) is a great indicator of an opening to Canada and the USA on 50MHz as the MUF rises and yesterday it proved it again.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G2): NOAA forecasters say that G2-class geomagnetic storms are possible on June 10th when a CME launched by yesterday’s M9.7 flare is expected to hit Earth. The CME is bright and massive; a direct hit would probably cause a severe geomagnetic storm. However, this will be just a glancing blow, so only moderate storming is likely. Aurora alerts:

SOLAR FLARE AND HARD RADIATION STORM: Sunspot AR3664 just did it again. The record-setting active region produced another very strong solar flare on June 8th (0149 UT), hurling a massive plume of plasma into space

This was an category M9.7 event, only percentage points from X-class. Radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a deep shortwave radio blackout across the western Pacific Ocean: map.

The sunspot is currently located in a region of the sun that is magnetically well-connected to Earth. As a result, protons accelerated by the explosion are spiraling toward us, peppering the top of Earth’s atmosphere as well as all spacecraft near our planet. Here’s an example of the effect this can have:

Every speck of ‘snow’ in this SOHO coronagraph movie is caused by an energetic proton striking the spacecraft’s camera. Through the fog you can see a bright CME emerging from the blast site. It will sideswipe Earth on June 10th.

At the moment the radiation storm is category S1 (Minor), several levels below the peak of the scale. It does not pose a biological threat to astronauts or air travelers.

Nevertheless, this storm is interesting because it contains an unusually high fraction of “hard” protons with high energies > 100 MeV. Hard protons are good at charging spacecraft bodies, fogging their cameras, and causing reboots of onboard computers. It would not be a surprise to hear reports of minor satellite problems in the days ahead.

10/6/2024: SFI 181  SN 148  A 5  K  1: 

Bad News Today!

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G2): NOAA forecasters say that G2-class geomagnetic storms are possible today, June 10th, when a CME launched by Saturday’s M9.7 flare is expected to hit Earth. The CME is bright and massive; a direct hit would probably cause a severe geomagnetic storm. However, this will be just a glancing blow, so only moderate storming is likely. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

POLAR CAP ABSORPTION EVENT: Don’t try to use a shortwave radio inside the Arctic Circle today. It probably won’t work. A deep polar cap absorption (PCA) event is in progress

Red zones in this global map show where shortwave transmissions are being absorbed. Frequencies below 15 MHz are almost completely blacked out, while anything below 35 MHz is being attentuated, at least a little.

This is the aftermath of Saturday’s M9.7-class explosion on the sun. Protons accelerated by the blast are now hitting our planet. Earth’s magnetic field funnels these particles toward the poles where their ionizing effect causes the absorption of shortwave radio. The absorption event could last for days; you can can monitor its progress here.

DX Today: AM: 28MHz 5U (Niger)> G0LFF: G0OIL > FT4GL wkd:

11/6/2024: SFI 178  SN 146  A 11  K 4  :

DX Today: 1428z: 28MHz G4VJN > FT4GL/FT8:

12/6/2024: SFI 165  SN 95  A 12  K 0  :

DX Today: 28MHz 1050z: G4CJC > FT4GL wkd and 5U5K (Niger):1245z: G8VVY > FT4GL: 50MHz G4PVM > France 50.099MHz: “ES” around in Eu SM > EA on 50MHz: 1326z: GW7SMV > TR8CA (Gabon)/TEP/”ES”/FT8: G0LFF > 7X/FT8/50MHz: Also DL > CT3 Madeira Isl: 1359z: GW7SMV > EA8/50MHz/ES:

13/6/2024: SFI 165  SN 145  A 5  K 0  :

DX Today: 0530z: Nice Multi chordal “ES” opening on 50MHz: UK to JA > GW7SMV + G4VPD + G4IFX+GI0OTC+ GW4SHF + EI stns and lots more UK stns:VK6 wkg Italy 50MHz/FT8/12,500kms Multi “ES”: 0740z 50MHz/FT8 G0HVQ wkg DS (South Korea): 1300z: 50/70MHz open to Eu from UK: 1400z: 50MHz > G4ICD > SP/LA/OZ/HA/9A/lots of “ES”SSB S9++:1500z: > OM/I/S5/9A5X/T77LA/TF/ES/ER: Mega “ES” opening: 1520z: G4ICD > YU7/OE/OZ/LX1SG/OM3CA/KN18 SSB S9+:HA100T/SSB/50.158: Still lots of activity OH/SM/ES/LY into UK and USA @ 2000z + A65HS > GM4CXM/”ES”/SUPERB QSO RAY de G4ICD: YL2SM/KO37: 2200z: G0HVQ wkg OD5 Lebanon: Another Mega Sporadic “E” day.

14/6/2024: SFI 170  SN 124  A  4  K 1  :

DX Today:1430Z: 50MHz open to USA: G0CHE GW7SMV wkg USA/VE/FT8/Multi “ES”:

15/6/2024: SFI  169 SN 117  A 6  K 2  :

DX Today: 0940z: 50MHz “ES” OY1OF/IP62 wkg UK SSB S9+:1100z: 50MHz open to USA from UK/FT8/W1 etc:

16/6/2024: SFI 171  SN 134  A 18  K 3  :

DX Today:50MHz: 0730z JA hrd in UK/FT8/G4RRA:Many other JA stns hrd in OH/SM/S5 and Eu::1100z: 50MHz open SP/OM/I/IT9 etc de G4ICD/IO90 all ssb!!

17/6/2024: SFI 167  SN 152  A 13  K2   :

DX Today:1300z: 50MHz > GW4VXE > USA: G7RAU > BG (China)/FT8:

18/6/2024: SFI 180  SN 171  A 11  K 2  :

DX Today:1330z: 50MHz open to USA from UK/FT8 G4ASR and many more to W1 area:

19/6/2024: SFI 193  SN 150  A 10  K 3  :

DX Today:0800z: 50MHz Open via “ES” from UK to OH, also stns in northern Eu wkg JA/DS via FT8:1200z: Multi “ES” on 50MHz UK G0HOF > HI8/FT8 +VO1/50.140ssb:: GM > VE: EA/OK to UK “ES”/FT8:

1400z: 50MHz KP4EIT/HI8/HI3 into UK/FT8: 1435z: G4IFX/IO91/TI (Costa Rica) & CO (Cuba) in Caribbean/FT8 qso’s: G7RAU IN79 Lizard also wkd CO (Cuba) multi “ES” 50MHz: Also FS & PZ (Surinam) into Eu on 50MHz/FT8:

Watching the MUF live using the Tiny SA ULTRA coupled to the 24″ PC: Set at 28MHz > 150MHz, audio and visual, still a few level adjustments to do:.

TX 70.250MHz test transmission