Just see what can be worked on the VHF bands (above 30MHz), all the above was worked on CW or SSB, over the horizon, no FT8, play the video below, with a little effort anybody can work that real dx. The video was made for the RSGB convention over 20 years ago.


APRIL 2023: Watch the MUF as 18th Feb 2023 saw a Solar Flux of 343!! with mega openings on 28MHz to JA/BG/YC/VK and lots more, 50MHz propagation is increasing day by day and hopefully the MUF will reach 70MHz so TEP maybe possible with South Africa (1/3/2023 already UK stns have wkd ZS6/V51/TZ and others on 50MHz during Feb/March/September 2023). Late APRIL saw 28/50MHz “ES” openings from the UK to the whole of the Eu with mega signals

The Radio Sun: 18/2/2023
10.7 cm flux: 343 sfu
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Updated 18 Feb 2023

OCTOBER 2023: Sunspots going down fast, maybe we have passed the peak of cycle 25? watch this space.


1/2/2024: SSN 53 SFI 135 A 6 K 1 :

0800z: 28MHz BY (China) into EU SSB: 50MHz TEP opening JA to VK3 and VK4:

2/2/2024: SSN 113 SFI 137 A 5 K .33 :

0800z: 50MHz JA to YC TEP opening:28MHz JA to EU on SSB & CW:+ HL to PA0: 1130z: 8Q7WR/G4ICD/weak but workable ssb:

3/2/2024: SSN 131 SFI 143 A 3 K 1 :

DX: 0800z: 50MHz JA > OA (Peru) TEP/FT8: 28MHz JA into Eu SSB:

4/2/2024: SSN 123 SFI 156 A 3 K 1 :

0800z: 28MHz JA into Eu and GM cw/ssb:

5/2/2024: SSN 138 SFI 170 A 6 K 0.3 :

6/2/2024: SSN 152 SFI 173 A 7 K 2.3 :

SOLAR FLARE AND CME: Unstable sunspot AR3575 erupted on Feb. 6th (0330 UT), producing a strong M4-class solar flare. A hot plume of plasma lept away from the blast site faster than 400 km/s (900,000 mph):

That plume ripped through the sun’s atmosphere and created a CME. We haven’t seen it yet in SOHO coronagraphs, but it’s there. Moments after the flare, the US Air Force reported a Type II radio burst caused by shock waves in the leading edge of an unseen CME. Will it hit Earth? Fresh data from SOHO coronagraphs in the hours ahead will allow forecasters to start making models of the CME’s trajectory.

A flash of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a shortwave radio blackout over Australia:

7/2/2024: SFN 175 SFI 190 A 8 K 0.6 :


8/2/2024: SFN 164 SFI 188 A 4 K 1:

DX: 0930z: 28MHz JA/HL4SF/55 into G4ICD/IO90: MUF on 50MHz not good considering SFN and A/K: Later 50MHz TEP opening Japan to VK4 and VK6 areas (nice).

9/2/2024: SFN 149 SFU 185 A 5 K 0:





AM: 50MHz JA to 4S TEP: HL (Korea) into EU 28MHz SSB: 50MHz STAR OPENING 1115z@ F2 XV9T (Vietnam) to G7RAU/IO79: + EI7BMB: Well done to both stns:

10/02/2024: SFN 105 SFI 183 A 6 K 1:

DX: 0700z: 28MHz JA to UK (cw): 0930z: 28.442MHz HL4SF into UK (Won in South Korea)

11/02/2024: SFN 146 SFI 194 A 5 K 3 :

Mega Sola blast: But 28MHz open 0900z: JA wkg G 28.480 SSB:

12/02/2024: SFN 144 SFI 180 A 14 K1 :

DX Today: 0800z: 28MHz GM/2E0 to VK & JA SSB: BG/HL/JA all now into UK, 0930z 28MHz SSB: 55 de G4ICD/IO90

13/02/2024: SFN 153 SFI 180 A 4 K 2 :

14/2/2024: SFN 122 SFI 195 A 10 K 3 :

WAITING FOR THE CMEs: Multiple CMEs expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field on Feb. 13th either missed or they are running late. NOAA is betting on the latter. The official forecast calls for minor G1-class geomagnetic storms on Feb 14th in response to the overdue CMEs.

28MHz 0915z: VK6CB and others into UK Wkg G0OUF:

15/2/2024: SFN 123 SFI 184 A 7 K 0.6

0900z: 28MHz G > VK2 etc: BD8CC/JA and others into UK (SSB): *********** 50MHz 1020z: SM7FJE wkd XV9T FT8:**********

16/02/2024: SFN 151 SFI 178 A 4 K 0 :

DX: 0800z: 28MHz HL4CAF/SSB/S7:************* 1500z: 50MHz FT8 SV to ZS6 TEP Opening ***************

17/02/2024: SFN 97 SFI  169  A  4  K  1:

DX: 28MHz AM: JA stns into UK S9+:

18/02/2024: SFN 100 SFI  170 A 4  K  2 :

NEWS: BIG FARSIDE SUNSPOT: There’s a sunspot on the farside of the sun large enough to affect the way the whole sun vibrates. Helioseismic images have pin-pointed it just behind the sun’s northeastern limb. The sunspot (or sunspot group) should turn to face Earth this week.

19/02/2024: SFN 84  SFI  157  A  6  K  1 :

NEWS: BIG SUNSPOT ALERT: A big new sunspot is emerging from the farside of the sun. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory can see it rotating over the sun’s northeastern limb. It is too soon to say what kind of magnetic field the foreshortened active region possesses. A mixed-polarity field could lead to Earth-directed flares later this week.

1100z: 28.555MHz 8R7X/ssb/5 up/S8 de G4ICD: 8R7X was into the UK for over 6 hours, sometimes S9+, superb recordings of their operations but so many calling on his frequency even after every call they made they said “listening up”, SPLIT!

20/02/2024: SFN 64  SFI 152  A  3  K 0  :

BIG SUNSPOT ALERT: A big new sunspot (AR3590) is emerging from the farside of the sun. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory can see it rotating over the sun’s northeastern limb. The sunspot’s planet-sized dark cores are inset in this magnetic map of the sun’s surface:

Right now the sunspot is crackling with minor C-class solar flares. We don’t yet know if it is capable of anything stronger. Because of the sunspot’s location near the edge of the sun, its magnetic map is severely foreshortened. Potentially-explosive mashups of + and – magnetic polarities won’t reveal themselves until the sunspot rotates more fully toward Earth.

DX:1000z: 28MHz JA into G/GI SSB S9+:

21/02/2024: SFN   50 SFI  153  A  6 K  0:

22/02/2024: SFN 45  SFI  170  A 4   K 2  :

The “BIG ONE” is here!

23/02/2024: SFN 46 SFI 170  A 6  K 0  :

24/02/2024: SFN 116  SFI 173  A 3  K 1  :

Space weather for the past 24 hours has been minor. Radio blackouts reaching the R1 level occurred. Space weather for the next 24 hours is predicted to be moderate. Radio blackouts reaching the R2 level are likely.

25/02/2024: SFN 106 SFI 179 A 7  K 3  :

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH–TODAY: Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible on Feb. 25th when a CME is expected graze Earth’s magnetic field. The CME was *not* produced by last week’s X-flares. Instead, it was hurled into space by an erupting filament of magnetism (movie) on Feb. 21st. 

26/02/2024: SFN 114  SFI  181 A 13  K 3  :

BIG SUNSPOT GETS EVEN BIGGER: Giant sunspot AR3590 spent the weekend getting bigger. This two-day movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows its area increasing by a quarter in only 48 hours:

AR3590 is now the largest sunspot of Solar Cycle 25. For comparison, it is now 60% as large (by surface area) as the great sunspot that caused the Carrington Event in Sept. 1859. Even a 60%-intensity Carrington Event occuring today could cause problems for satellites, power grids, and internet connectivity. That’s why forecasters are carefully watching this sunspot.

Last week, AR3590 unleashed three X-flares in rapid succession, including the strongest flare of the current solar cycle (X6.3) . Since then the sunspot has been relatively quiet, producing only a handful of low-level M-class explosions. Is it gathering itself for another X-flare? If so, the flare will be geoeffective as AR3590 is directly facing Earth. Solar flare alerts:

0800z: 28MHz: 5R8BM (Bernard) good ssb into UK (G4ICD/G2BUJ and others) interesting considering high “A” & “K”.