1/1 Special Chokes/Line Isolators

UV protected enclosure, Fibre Glass or Polycarbonate options

Mega “K” Ni/Zn or F14 material cores 4 times the surface area of single FT240 cores

Up to 5000 watt pep handling with multi-cores and RG303 or RG142 double screened PTFE Mil coax

Fully resin potted

Choice of  7/16 DIN EIA, “N”, BNC or SO239 connectors

Mini low power versions available

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity 10 Units)

Above shows the “K” core on left and Amidon FT240 on right

Protected for life in resin

Commercial sales only.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity 10 Units)

Super 1/1 Line Isolators/noise reduction

Made with 5 type 43 Ni/Zn cores and RG316 PTFE coax these units are superb in reducing line noise. Over 6 db of noise reduction has been proven using multiples of these units in a commercial situation, great Z Mag attenuation over the HF spectrum above 7MHz. UV protected enclosure, rubber gasket seal, resin potted for long life these are the best you will find. Produced by professional RF people.

Available with BNC, “N” type of SO239 sockets, power handling max 400 watts pep. Commercial enquiries only.

Custom Configurations

Customised units can be made to your specification/requirements including options of ceramic insulators and static discharge arms or just straight through connectors 7/16 DIN EIA, “N”, SO239 or BNC, Suitable for 1.5 > 30MHz custom made for max attenuation at given frequency.

Mil Spec’ RG142 double screened PTFE coax with 7/16 DIN EIA Sockets, IP68 rated fully resin potted variants up to 5kw pep.

Lower power versions with PTFE SO239 or “N” type sockets. 

High power versions with 7/16 EIA DIN connectors. All our Chokes/Baluns/Isolators are resin potted, samples held in stock

Multiple bus earthing and multiple serrated locking washers used for the RG142 double screened PTFE coax to give superb bonding

Commercial sales only.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity 10 Units)