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New Antenna packages, New Tactical packages, New Receive Loop and lots more……coming soon

Multi-Matching units for 2 > 30MHz

Our ultra low cost high quality matching units consist of single, dual and tri-cores, the cores are custom made and wound with PTFE wire. The cores are fitted into a UV protected enclosure and is resin potted, the enclosures below are custom made and IP68 rated. We offer SO239/BNC/TNC or “N” type sockets. Power levels up to a maximum of 125 watts pep (this is what the commercial radios are capable of) although we can manufacture higher power levels. Top quality and no compromise on cost. Heavy duty lightweight enclosures. MOQ

Below: Inside of the mini lightweight multi core versions

Over 360 variants in stock and more being made for special requirements. MOQ


Special PTFE “N” type units and TNC units now available


Over 400 units in stock

New Tactical Packages:

We will be introducing some new tactical packages during June/July, these will consist of an HF antenna and a VHF antenna in one package. The VHF version (30 > 70MHz) will be supplied with the HF unit and set up as per requirements. The package will include 2 matching units with transmission lines and all fittings. MOQ.

Refurbished MEL TURF Units:

Totally refurbished MEL TURF Tuner units, silver plated roller, PTFE tuning capacitors, superbly finished in NATO Olive green. Click on the image for an expanded view. NSN certified. MOQ

New Dual Feeder HF & VHF Matching Unit (Sample prototype under going tests).

The new dual feeder version for HF and VHF: HF will cover 3 to 30MHz using a 49/1 for single or multi frequencies depending on your requirements and the VHF section will cover 30 > 70MHz and also set up to your requirements. The new completed unit will be black cased UV protected and resin potted, black BNC connectors, and blackadized line connectors. Perfect resonant frequencies no tuner required.


Icom IC-705 Low Power Portable Antenna Units:


Seems it is out in Japan. click HERE

UK price announced at £1,299.00 inc UK tax of 20%

As we have lock down due to Covid 19 and all our commercial work has been completed it was decided to make 2 low power special HF & VHF units for the new Icom IC-705, but can also be used on the X5105, the FT817/818 and the KX3 radios as well as the QMac HF90 set to lower power.

Price is £30 for the 2 units or you can just buy the HF version for £20, plus UK p/p when our Post Office re-opens.

The HF unit 705HF (49/1 dual-core) will cover any single frequency or multiple frequencies but will be set up and supplied with approx 10 mtrs of  wire plus insulator on 14MHz, this can be replaced by yourself to suit your requirements eg: change the line to 20.5 mtrs for multi-band operation (7/14/21/28MHz).

3/4 Resin potted with condensation vent.

The VHF version 705VHF will be set up for 50.110 MHz and include approx 3 mtrs kevlar wire and fittings plus end insulator.

3/4 Resin potted with condensation vent.


Models 705HF & 705VHF. The perfect portable HF/VHF antenna kit.

The matching units are resin potted, ultra lightweight at 100 > 150 grams and each one is fully tested on air. The 2 units are available in either “N Type”, BNC or SO239 sockets or a mixture as you require.

705HF versions above with SO239, “N” Type” or BNC sockets.

Above: 50.000 MHz Sweep

Multi HF sweep with 20.5 mtrs wire

A portable case is available (above) that will hold the 2 antennas and a throwing weight and line.


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